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Meet the Hostess With Ketosis

My name is Sabrina and I am a former educator, all around nerd, trash tv connoisseur, charcuterie board enthusiast, and lover of all things wine. When not blogging I can be found performing stand up comedy, hanging out with my husband and our furbabies, or scrolling Funimation for my next adventure.


Keto Changed My Life

I know what you might be thinking. "Is this another cuckoo for cocoa puffs Instagram wannabe praying to the salad gods living only off of water and celery?"  Thankfully, that is not the case. 

Welcome to my corner of the internet, friend! Over here we approach the keto lifestyle realistically from food hauls, to planning events, and day to day living. After being diagnosed with PCOS I found that Keto was the strongest tool I had in my arsenal. As a lover of food I needed to find something that could adapt with me rather than a lifestyle that fights against me. Join me as I become a healthier, stronger, and more authentic version of myself. 

What You Can Expect Here

I am a firm believer that keto can be a unique and positive  journey for everyone whether you are "clean keto," "dirty keto," or somewhere in between. All bodies are good bodies and I celebrate victories on and off of the scale. I approach keto with a realistic lens including how to go out to the restaurants and fast food places while maintaining progress. I am an extrovert who LOVES hosting friends and family for a multitude events. I will give you the inside scoop for how I throw themed events such as Dungeon & Dragons campaigns, anime watch nights, board game nights, Halloween parties, Ornament Exchanges, and other fun events while keeping it keto. Part of this journey will include date ideas to accommodate when you are keto, but your partner is not. I am excited for you to learn more about keto, my life, and for us to have fun!

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