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Why I Decided To Start Keto-Chronicles

For a long time I felt shame and guilt about how I felt and looked. I am not going to pretend that I have my life completely figured out (because I do not); however, I want to share about my personal journey and what keto has done for my life. This is not an MLM, there aren't any hidden daggers, cloaks, or cult like behaviors to be indoctrinated into. When I started keto I had come from a past of diets and fads that shamed me into being some sort of mathematician of shame. I am committed to a shame free page that embraces the human journey. I enjoy cooking and look forward to sharing recipes on here, but let's be honest folks, we do not all have the time, energy, and money to consistently get food from the earth, have it blessed by the rains, and create Instagram worthy meals. Sometimes we have to cut the bullshit and fuel our bodies with what is available and makes sense. I am ecstatic to create a space to share my thoughts on this lifestyle and how I incorporate it into a life that I love.

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